With Your Accounting Sanctuary taking care of your general accounting needs, you can relax, knowing you’ll be alerted if there is anything you should know about. Otherwise, we’ll ensure you’re free to concentrate on the other areas of your business.

We can take care of your non-strategic functions including accounting and financial statement preparation.

As we become familiar with your business and ways or working, Your Accounting Sanctuary team can alert you to any good, bad or under-use issues. We can assess your current accounting and administration systems and establish simpler processes that also ensure you have access to real-time financials for accurate decision making. We can also flag any compliance issues or tax benefits you may not be making the most of. Plus, it’s always good to know that things are humming along smoothly.

Your place or ours

We can come to your office or work remotely with all the necessary online security in place. It’s all about what works best for you. Some businesses like having a friendly face they can talk to in the office once a week or once a month. Others are comfortable doing everything online or like to mix things up depending on the time of year. Whatever you choose, we apply the same level of dedication to our service and ensure your business information is kept secure.

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